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We might be in lockdown, but there's still plenty we can do. Cleaning our house + safeguarding against Covid + harmful bacteria is one of those things. Make sure your house is DuroKleen protected and keep your family safe.

What: DuroKleen is a proven antimicrobial disinfectant like no other. It is safer, longer-lasting and more versatile than any alcohol or chlorine based alternative.

How it works: As DuroKleen dries, a microscopic barrier forms on the surface, forming a barrier that provides on going protection against a wide range of mould, algae, mildew, viruses and odour causing bacteria. 

What can I use it on: Because of DuroKleen’s water-based, non-toxic nature, it is able to be applied safely by hand, electrostatic spraying and even in your regular laundry cycle to any hard or soft surface not damaged by water.


Further to DuroKleen's benefits we're offering 20% off your first purchase.

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