Elevate Your Vehicle's Interior with DuroPax: The Premier Cleaning and Disinfectant Solution


Welcome to a new era of vehicle interior maintenance! As a car enthusiast or a meticulous owner, you understand the importance of maintaining not just the exterior, but also the interior of your vehicle. DuroPax presents an innovative and effective solution for this very purpose.

What Makes DuroPax Special?

Developed with cutting-edge technology, DuroPax stands out as a superior cleaning solution, promising the ultimate combination of safety, effectiveness, and gentle care for your vehicle's interior. Its unique formula, leveraging the power of natural cleaning agents infused with DuroKleen’s advanced antimicrobial technology, ensures hospital-grade disinfection without compromising on environmental safety.

Safety and Non-Toxicity:

The safety of you and your passengers is paramount. DuroPax's non-toxic composition guarantees a hazard-free cleaning experience. Its plant-based ingredients make it a safe choice for regular use, providing peace of mind especially for families with children or pets.

Deep Cleaning and Odour Elimination:

DuroPax excels in removing stubborn dirt, grime, sweat, and grease from every nook and corner of your car's interior. From the seats and seatbelts to the dashboard and steering wheel, DuroPax ensures a thorough clean. Its efficacy extends to odour elimination, leaving your vehicle smelling fresh and pleasant.

Unmatched Safety and Protection for Your Vehicle:

One of the most remarkable benefits of DuroPax is its non-corrosive nature. It is gentle on various materials, ensuring that the fabric, leather, plastics, carpet, and metals inside your vehicle are not only cleaned but also preserved. This characteristic makes DuroPax a trusted choice among commercial aircraft in Australia for maintaining cabin interiors.

Versatility and Ease of Use:

Whether you're dealing with a spill, an unfortunate incident, or simply aiming for a routinely clean and odour-free car, DuroPax is your go-to solution. Its ease of use makes maintaining a pristine vehicle interior effortless, even for the busiest car owners.


DuroPax is more than just a cleaner; it's an investment in the longevity and aesthetics of your vehicle's interior. Embrace the change and experience a new level of interior vehicle care with DuroPax.

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