Don’t just remove mould, prevent it as well!

If you’ve ever come up against mould in a business or on the home front, you know how frustrating it can be to get rid of it without it coming back in a matter of weeks and how hard it is to find a good mould remover that won’t damage your surfaces or fabrics.

There are four main aspects that people dislike about mould.

  • Firstly, it is unsightly, and it is a health hazard. No one likes to work around it or have their customers look at it and staff have to explain why it is present in a workplace. In some instances, this may even see you, as a business owner or operator being negligent to a visible workplace health and safety risk.
  • Secondly it can often come with an extremely unpleasant smell, which means that even if it is in a hard to see, people know it’s there.
  • Thirdly it can be toxic and contribute to making your family members or staff unwell.  Mould can create long term health problems.
  • Fourthly it can cause long-term damage to surfaces and decrease the value of property, requiring expensive renovation if left untreated.

To know how DuroKleen products helps you effectively combat mould, it is advantageous to understand more about mould and why it can be so difficult to remove when using the wrong products.

Mould is a member of the fungi family, and not all fungi is bad. People eat mushrooms and use yeast every day and mould is deliberately cultivated to add flavour to many cheeses. The thing about fungi though is that their spores are present in virtually every environment, both indoors and out, and always looking for a foothold. A traditional mould removing approach has been to scrub affected areas with vinegar or with bleach, but there’s major drawbacks’ with both these approaches.

Firstly, although they may get rid of the ‘look’ of mould in the area initially, they haven’t killed or removed all the spores, which then easily re-grow and all your hard work, or that of cleaning staff you’re paying by the hour, is wasted. Secondly, strong chemicals like bleach, in many cases simply change or lightens the colour of the mould spores, strong chemicals give off toxic fumes, meaning you create a new workplace hazard, or unsafe environment for your family. On top of this people using strong chemicals have to wear protective safety clothing, and there’s a high cost to this. Thirdly these products may damage and degrade your impacted and contaminated surfaces creating new opportunities for mould to gain a foothold and regrow. 

While vinegar may seem harmless, it is however an acid and thus it can create pitting on the surface and if left on the surface for too long may damage or cause corrosion to become visible.  Bleach can also corrode surfaces and is well known to discolour fabrics.  (Please ensure you never mix vinegar and bleach as this is extremely dangerous). 

The use of bleach or vinegar are only short term fixes.

Since the traditional approach is unsatisfactory, it is time for a modern solution, that is safer, more effective and works without harmful side effects which brings us to the DuroKleen Mould Pack.

DuroKleen’s mould pack contains Kleen, a non toxic, readily biodegradable, plant-based mould cleaner and remover and DuroKleen, a long term antimicrobial surface treatment and an inhibiter of mould.

Firstly, for the most effective outcome we must first remove the mould spores by using the water based Kleen Mould Cleaner:

  • Kleen breaks down the protein membrane and safely releases mould spores from the surface into the liquid, allowing them to be rinsed or wiped away
  • Kleen is made from a blend of plant-based materials and is readily biodegradable
  • It is a safe product that does not contain bleach or any other harsh chemicals, is antioxidant and completely noncorrosive to any of your surfaces. You can even use it on your fabrics to remove mould.
  • It is even safe to use on kitchen and bathroom surfaces
  • As an added benefit it will also clean away any other organic dirt and grime on your surfaces as it has the ability to effectively remove the food source, or biofilm of the microbes, thus creating a cleaner surface for longer.

DuroKleen Long Term Antimicrobial:

After the mould has been cleaned away, allow the surface to dry and then apply an even spray of DuroKleen. This will inhibit mould regrowth on the treated surface. 

  • DuroKleen provides both an immediate and long term disinfection to the treated surface and as it dries creates an invisible biostatic barrier that will inhibit mould regrowing on the surface
  • It is a water-based product that has no harmful fumes and is not hazardous
  • It is very simple to use, simply spray on, wipe with a microfibre cloth to ensure full and even coverage and leave to dry
  • It is even safe to use DuroKleen to inhibit mould on fabrics

So, back to the problems mould creates and how the DuroKleen mould pack solves them.

Kleen safely removes the mould spores from the surface. DuroKleen Long Term antimicrobial provides a continuous invisible barrier to the treated surface, this controls the recolonisation of spores on the surface, which further inhibits new mould spores from being able to grow on the surface.

Most importantly because DuroKleen products are safe to use, you will no longer have the expense of damaged surfaces and clothing cause by vinegar, bleach or other harsh chemical equivalents.

DuroKleen — mould problem solved!